what's so great about Alaska ?

What’s it like up here in Alaska

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Living in Alaska 

Maybe you’re thinking about moving to Alaska or a vacation, or maybe you are just a curious soul who wants to know What’s it like in Alaska?

The truth is Alaska is worth a visit at least once, there is an abundance of beauty that needs to be seen.

Alaska itself is different from the lower 48 states in so many ways, that you should experience it at least once 🙂

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What’s so great about Alaska?

aside from the beautiful scenery in, it’s definitely a different kind of life, Alaska has a way of defining who you are! 

College Students make their way up to here to either make money for school or to go to college in at one of the Universities,

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There are only 2 seasons in Alaska, winter/construction

People ask me all the time how I liked growing up here? well, I’m still here, would not live anywhere else.

 is it a great place to raise children? yes absolutely, wide-open spaces and clean air, riding snow machines, and skiing, hiking, and fishing 

Summertime chores 

The Summers are a different story for all Alaskans, it’s the time to get chores done, get fish, moose, bear or what every else in the freezer.

It’s also the biggest pain in the rear in more populated areas, the road system is always under construction somewhere in Alaska, that is just a fact of life up here.

I prefer if they got rid of the round-a-bouts not a fan, (you’ll find them in Anchorage and the Valley)

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Life is Different in more ways than you know, in Alaska

Growing up in Alaska you take things for granted like the view, (I still to this day say “wow that is beautiful” at least 2 dozen time a day)

You would think everyone knows how to drive on our roads, they do not!

Like seeing commercials for Restaurants that we do not have in here, I’m still waiting for Hardees to come up here (Wink)

Like the tourist that come up in Motor coaches, Trucks pulling travel trailers, and whatever else that continually hold up traffic in the summer.

FYI there are signs all up and down the road system telling drivers that it is illegal to hold up traffic, (that is what the many turnouts are for tourist people! use them!)

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Alaska’s not for everyone 

Snowbirds are a big thing, people that live in Alaska all Summer and leave for the Winter, nice gig if you can swing it! 

Got a question or need information just contact me 🙂

Bald Eagle at the water’s edge
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Alaska out my front door is my first Blog! As a lifelong Alaskan I hope to show you what life in Alaska is like and expose you to things, like our weather, which is changing, our traditions like having king crab at Christmas and calling it the “the lower 48” when we speak of the rest of the USA, and a few others as they are brought to my attention and some things that make life in Alaska more bearable on those days that it is too yucky to go outside or when there is adventure to be had, like a road trip or Fishing, along the way I will show you parts of South Central Alaska, which is where I live it, is the most populated region of Alaska, containing Anchorage, the Matanuska - Susitna Valley ( Home) and the Kenai Peninsula, home of King Salmon, and Rural, mostly unpopulated areas south of the Alaska Range and west of the Wrangell Mountains also fall within the definition of South Central, as do the Prince William Sound area and the communities Whittier, Cordova and Valdez all of which boast exceptional fishing ,hunting, Hiking and a host of other fun outdoor activities and places to go visit. I hope you enjoy my Blog and please feel free to share and connect with me and if you need information or have a question about Alaska then I'm your girl. Enjoy :)

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