This is Palmer Alaska

the Welcome sign outside of Palmer Alaska

 Palmer Alaska

This is Palmer Alaska, it’s such a cute little town, with its old timey buildings that give it a Norman Rockwell vibe.

better organized than most Alaskan towns in the heart of the Mat Sú valley you’re sure to find something to do.

Surrounded by Mountains and the Matanuska River running through the outskirts of town. 

2 Golf courses, Fishing and Hiking trails in the Butte, a multitude of campgrounds 

Downtown Palmer

Family is the focus of Palmer’s event planning, and I must say that they never fail to draw the crowds.

It’s also where all of the Borough Buildings are like the planning commission (where all the maps are) and BLM and Land Taxes are paid in Palmer

The first thing a person notices when they arrive in Palmer is how well laid out it is.

Both Grocery stores are across the street from each other, all the Bars in are in a row side by side, don’t like one Thes’re another one right next door, for real 🙂  

Pioneer Peak

It’s easy to park your car and walk around Palmer, so many cute shops and a museum downstairs in the Tourist Center and the library all within walking distance of downtown.

If you show up on a Friday, you will find Friday Flings going on in the town square a local Vendor market.

Food and crafts and music and local farmer’s market it’s a fun time, just be careful not to have too much fun.   

It’s easy to find Law Enforcement in Palmer with Palmer PD and the State Troopers stationed in Palmer it’s a good idea to stay out of trouble in Palmer 

With the Muskox farm, Reindeer farm, Independence mine and Hatchers Pass all just outside of palmer.

Hiking, Fishing and glacier viewing you can defiantly find something to do in Palmer.

glacier view from the river

Palmer & Wasilla 

with less than 10 miles between the two it’s easy to get confused about what’s where well I’m goanna clear it up for you.

Wasilla Alaska is not as well laid out as Palmer, but with 2 lakes taking up a lot of space it’s understandable. in 

Palmer has more tourist activities, but all the main business’s that a tourist would do business with is in Wasilla. 

The Iditarod trail headquarters is in Wasilla along with the transportation museum.

On Wednesday you’ll find Wasilla’s vendor market, not as loud as Friday Flings but still worth a visit   

Iditarod headquarters in Wasilla Alaska

The Alaska State Fair   

In late August you can enjoy the Fair, Vendors come from all over the Country and Alaska to take part one of the largest events held in Alaska.

only 12 days long