Planning an Alaskan Vacation? 

Canoer on Waterfowl Lake in the Swanson Lake Canoe area of the Kenai Wildlife Refuge in Alaska

Here you will find places that I use every day, like my local t.v station and travel resources, to help you along the way I will be adding more places for you to enjoy.

Local News resources: Local News station Local Newspaper   Local Newspaper State of Alaska official website loaded with helpful information about doing business in Alaska and moving to Alaska 

A Dall sheep in the Alaska Range

Local Travel resources:

All of the sites listed below are excellent travel resources, enjoy 🙂 I will be updating it often so keep checking back   It is mostly about tours, Guided Hunting and Fishing trips I hope you enjoy it   a Travel resource site that I enjoy reading, I definitely will be borrowing some of their content, with permission of course,   

If you are Driving the Alcan Highway, then you need one of these books, it will show you every point of interest along the way, another great travel resource with more great information for you to enjoy     one of my favorite Alaskan get away’s in Fairbanks is Chena Hot Springs, if you can swing some time there it’s worth it all year round.    Visiting Sitka this will help I’ve never been to southeast Alaska, but I hear its Beautiful 

It’s easy to spot wildlife in Alaska! if you’re planning a visit to Alaska make sure you have good footwear 🙂

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