Life in Alaska, what it’s like up here


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Thinking about life in Alaska

What does it mean to be Alaskan? life under the midnight sun, the last frontier, the great State of AK, a whole lot of shoveling going on in Alaska, when it snows that is, not a lot of snow for the last few years, the lower 48 seems to be getting our weather nowadays.

It used to be a lot different when I was growing up I remember snow piled so high that on some parts of the road that it looked like you were driving through an Ivory tunnel, scary but cool, that dose not happen any more now we are lucky if the ski resorts open at all !

Thanks to Global warming Alaska is changing rapidly, in the last few years, While doing yard-work (mostly) I’ve noticed all kinds of bugs that did not exist up here before, like ants and a very quiet cricket, and a BOATLOAD of new spiders,

The most Beautiful Scenery in the World

Home to majestic Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, and Streams, and Glaciers a dream destination for whatever reason, and I have heard many reasons why people are curious about my home State.

The truth is Alaska is worth a visit at least once, there is an abundance of beauty that needs to be seen, Alaska it self is different from the lower 48 states in so many ways, that you should experience it at least once 🙂

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What’s so great about Alaska?

Some people come to Alaska because of work, but live in the lower 48 states. Some come to get away from whatever crazy is going on in the Lower 48, or their lives, some people come here to be off-grid, to Homestead.

Check out this really cool PBS program about a man that build a log cabin in Alaska if your interested here’s a link to the Alaska PBS

Alaska is home to a boatload of Scientist and Research programs, an amount I could only guess at, with just as many untold different agencies administering those programs.

if your curious about working in Alaska or try it host jobs at lodges and hotels at remote properties in Alaska and other places

College Students make their way up to Alaska to either make money for school or to go to College in Alaska, ( Tip) Cool works is a good place to find seasonal jobs in Alaska they handle jobs for lodges and resorts and the Alaska Rail Road System

There’s only 2 seasons in Alaska, winter/construction

People ask me all the time how I liked growing up here? well, I’m still here, would not live anywhere else. is it a great place to raise children? yes absolutely, wide-open spaces and clean air, riding snow machines, and skiing, hiking, and fishing along with a list of activities that I cant think of at the moment.

As a child growing up I did not like Alaska it was too friggen cold, I did not enjoy getting up to go to school in the dark, not to mention the fact that it only stays light for few hours in the winter, and then coming home again in the dark, yep that’s still the same.

The Summers are a different story for all Alaskans, it’s the time to get chores done, get fish, moose, bear or what every else in the freezer, to fix broken windows, insulate those cold spots and get ready for next winter, everything revolves around the Winter months in Alaska.

It’s also the biggest pain in the rear in more populated areas, the road system is always under construction somewhere in Alaska, that is just a fact of life up here, I prefer if they got rid of the round-a-bouts not a fan, (you’ll find them in Anchorage and the Valley)

Life is Different in more ways than you know, in Alaska

Growing up in Alaska you take things for granted like the view,, (I still to this day say “wow that is beautiful” at least 2 dozen time a day ) and that everyone knows how to drive on our roads, they do not, that fact that there are only 3 main Highways through the entire State, you also get used to certain things.

Like seeing commercials for Restaurants that we do not have in Alaska, truth be told we are getting a lot more restaurant chains mostly in Anchorage, Wasilla just got a Sonic last year, I can only say that was s very smart move on the owners part ! I’m still waiting for Hardees to come up here (Wink)

Like the tourist that come up in Motor coaches, Trucks pulling travel trailers, and whatever else that continually hold up traffic in the summer, even though there are signs all up and down the road system telling drivers that it is illegal to hold up traffic, that is what the many turnouts are for tourist people, use them! that certain parts of those 3 highways are ” Safety corridors”. meaning HUGH Fines and that cops are everywhere, Because those parts of the road have heavy traffic fatalities

Alaska’s not for everyone

Every Summer there are mass ” moving out of State sales” where you can find killer deals, behind those sales are many reasons for the “Moving out of state sales” but I’m guessing that some of those sales are people that came up here for what ever reason and now Alaska is not where they want to end up.

The truth about that goes back to the winter up here, the Wind blows so hard, 30 to 40 MPH winds sometimes for days on end not to mention the cold even though we get a lot less snow these days it’s still freaking cold, and the constant dark that get’s to you, but I swear after 3 or 4 years you do not notice it any longer.

Snowbirds are a big thing in Alaska, people that live in Alaska all Summer and leave for the Winter, not really sure how that works, but it must be nice

So long and short of all of this is if you are curious about Alaska this is your # 1 one-stop resource for free information!

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