Best Birthday EVER!

Free floating Ice berg
Alaskan Glacier, Whittier, Alaska

Happy Birthday to me

For my 50th Birthday my friend Scott Lindquist took me out on an Ice Harvest, not your normal birthday present, so why not!
it wasn’t supposed to be on my birthday, but this is Alaska and things happen, so we handled it like we do.
Scott owns a company that sell’s Glacier Ice, it’s a pretty interesting business idea, that won’t just work anywhere and the product is world class check out his site Alaskan Glacial Ice  
The captain of the boat had to go pick up some hunters on the day he wanted to go, it was important, sometimes it happens 
so, my Birthday was just the day we got to go, lucky me 
We started very early in the morning, we made our way from Wasilla, thru Anchorage down the Seward Hwy, to Whittier.
The weather changed as we drove, the snow getting heavier as we went, that’s common in November.
So, at this point I should tell you that Scott is the only person in America that holds a permit to Harvest Glacier Ice, on a commercial level.
I do not know about you, but I find that impressive as hell, he harvests the ice from glaciers made famous by the Harriman Expedition of 1899.
(Getting into Whittier is a bit of a chore)
entrance to Whitter Alaska

 Tunnel into Whittier

 Whittier, Alaska is another beautiful port in Alaska, but to get into Whittier you have to drive through a 2 1/2-mile tunnel that the train also uses.
There’s not a lot to see in Whittier Alaska, just more beautiful scenery and a small museum in the Anchor Inn   which also has the only laundromat, bar and Restaurante 
for more information on Whittier Alaska Whittier Chamber of Commerce
with less than 300 people, this page has all the information you could want.
 it’s a pretty impressive thing to see, I highly recommend taking the time to see it if you are coming to Alaska, or you can watch my video of the tunnel here.
Photo by Pixabay on

It was a wet heavy snow 

It was snowing that day, a wet heavy snow and we had to wait for the train to come through the tunnel, it was running late.
I was worried about the captain not knowing why we were late, it runs in front of his office/ store. so, it worked out.
 we loaded the gear onto the boat the captain gave us all the safety info, and we were off.
it is a really nice boat, with loads of room, it’s mainly a charter boat.
 the boat was with I highly recommend them.
Glacier Ice carved into cocktail cubes
Harvested from Prince William Sound Alaska

Harvesting the Ice 

He hauled about 1400 lbs. that day that, of course all I cared about was being out on the water, so we were both happy.
I have to admit that 2016 birthday is by far my most favorite and I can honestly say that no one else can say that they went Ice harvesting for their birthday 🙂
you can watch the offload of the ice here enjoy


-update{ 7/2019}

this charter may not be available any longer although scott will take anyone out on an Ice Harvest just contact him at for more information. But Lazy Otter Charters dose several Charters out of Whittier Alaska, and you can always book a charter with them I highly recommend it ! 🙂

Alaska Glacier Ice for cocktails? 

Cocktails made with Glacier Ice from Alaska Glacial Ice


Scott Lindquist, a friend of mine started a Business, harvesting Icebergs of all things, yep he made a Business of it and has appeared in outside Magazine and on several TV shows locally and nationally  he was in a Show called Alaska Proof that was on Discovery or some other channel that suddenly became fascinated with Alaska for some reason?

Actually he has been fascinated with Icebergs for the longest time, since the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which ruined his business at the time, which was just as equally interesting, the man was diving for Kelp in one part of Alaska and transporting it to another part of Alaska so that herring could lay their eggs on it and then it would be Harvested and sent to Japan for their market, he really loved that job he likes to invent and make things, s

 Alaska has still not recovered from completely from the Exxon Valdez disaster, But Scott is forging ahead with his plan to make a viable business out of selling Glacier Ice, you can see how passionate he is about Glacier Ice in general, don’t just take my word for it watch the video below from a Ice Harvest in Prince William Sound, and turn up the volume.

His idea is ingenious

The State of Alaska has issued a permit to harvest free floating icebergs from Prince William Sound, Scott has the only permit at present, and is very adamant that  harvesting icebergs is not harmful to the environment, Sea life can not live in the water in or around a melting Iceberg.

Scott takes his clients out on a Glacier Cruise, with Lazy Otter Charters,6 hours out of Whittier, Alaska the client enjoys beautiful scenery along the way and a lunch aboard the boat which has a Cabin and restroom, in case you were wondering( 6 hours on a boat it’s nice to have a privy) 

 Scott’s cruise the clients help Scott pick an Iceberg to harvest, Scott and his crew bring the iceberg on board and the clients get 100 lbs of  the Glacier ice to take home, Scott’s Company can help with the logistics of shipping the ice home if need be, now that is a memory that you take home to enjoy for a long time

“ice sizzle”

Scott takes an iceberg apart then carves abstract whiskey balls that look like little icebergs in your glass, I personally prefer the Glacier Ice because it melts slowly, and last for 2 or 3 drinks plus glacial ice has “ice sizzle” compressed air that formed over thousands of years and pops in your glass as the ice slowly melts.

Glacial ice cubes are dense because the air has been squeezed out by the overwhelming weight of the glacier making this ideal cocktail ice.

Since glacial ice was created by snow that fell 10,000 years ago the ice is very pure, with ice sizzle and is organic what else could you ask for,  good size so only one is needed for most drinks but more can be used if preferred

If coming your not planning a trip to Alaska, but still want some Glacier Ice for your Cocktail’s or to amuse your friends or for whatever reason Alaska Glacial Ice will ship the Ice to you, for a fee


Glacier Ice in front of an Alaska Map at Anchorage Distillery