Glacier Ice for Cocktails


 Lazy Otter Charters dose several Charters out of Whittier Alaska, and you can always book a charter with them I highly recommend it! 🙂

 Glacier Ice for cocktails? 

Cocktails made with Glacier Ice from Alaska Glacial Ice

A friend of mine started a Business, harvesting Glacier Ice, yep, he made a Business of it.

The Business has appeared in outside Magazine and on several TV shows locally and nationally, he was in a Show called Alaska Proof.

Actually, he has been fascinated with Icebergs for the longest time and since the Exxon Valdez oil spill, ruined his business at the time, Alaska Glacial Ice was born.

Just as equally interesting, Scott was diving for Kelp in Southeast Alaska and transporting it to Cordova.

Herring lay their eggs on it and then it would be Harvested and sent to Japan for their market, he really loved that job he likes to invent and make things.

 Scott forged ahead with his plan to make a viable business out of selling Glacier Ice.

Alaska Glacial Ice hand cared glacier cocktail Ice

Passionate about Ice 

you can see how passionate he is about Glacier Ice in the video below

I’ve had Glacier Ice in my drinks many times but never realized how special it is. think about it, after all it’s the purist water in the world.

Beside the fact that it takes forever to melt, one cube last for a very long time.

Alaska approved 

The State of Alaska issued the permit to harvest free floating icebergs from Prince William Sound, Scott has the only permit. 

Scott is very adamant that harvesting icebergs is not harmful to the environment or Sea life.

Most Sealife cannot live in the water in or around a melting Iceberg.

Except otters and Seals, they like the free-floating ice, there’s enough for everyone.

They use it to warm themselves in the sun and use to keep their pups safe  

Scott starts his Glacier Ice hunt, with Lazy Otter Charters, traveling 6 hours out of Whittier, to one of the ice fields 

 Beautiful scenery along the way, Birds making noise as they travel to wherever they are going, sea otters playing around in the water, it’s beautiful out there. 

 Natural “Ice sizzle”

Scott takes an iceberg apart then carves abstract whiskey balls that look like little icebergs in your glass.

I personally prefer the Glacier Ice because it melts slowly, and last for 2 or 3 drinks.

Glacial ice has “ice sizzle” compressed air that pops in your glass as the ice slowly melts.

Glacial ice is dense

because the air has been squeezed out by the overwhelming weight of the glacier making this ideal cocktail ice.

Since glacial ice was created by snow that fell 10,000 years ago the ice is very pure.

the ice sizzle is organic, giving your beverage a soda kind of bubble sometimes

one good sized cube is enough for most drinks, but more can be used if preferred

If coming you want some Glacier Ice for your Cocktail’s or to amuse your friends or for whatever reason Alaska Glacial Ice will ship the Ice to you, for a fee.

Shipping and handling charges apply, and it can be expensive to ship just a few pieces of ice  

Glacier Ice in front of an Alaska Map  
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