Welcome to Alaska out my Door

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I love Alaska, I was raised here wouldn’t live anywhere else. I love almost everything about living here, there’s some things that I don’t care for, but that’s true of every state isn’t it? with that said here’s what you’ll find at Alaska out my door.

Life in Alaska, things that Alaskans do, the places that we go and just life in general, Links to Alaskan Business, that I use and recommend, a “locals” view of what living in Alaska is like,

On my YouTube channel, “it will be coming on line soon” it’s just me driving around the Anchorage and Mat-Valley and various road trips around Alaska.

The Scenery is Beautiful in Alaska, I hope you like it, but if there is something that you want to see then please let me know


I’m looking forward to sharing what Alaska’s about with you, what it’s really like to live here (in case you want to know) every year lots of people come here to see the beauty of Alaska, so if your thinking of taking a vacation to Alaska, interested in products from Alaska, or want to see photographs of Alaska then this is the place for you.

I am always interested to learn what people want to know about Alaska, so feel free to ask questions I will gladly share information and resources from AK with you, since I have lived in Alaska for more than 40 years I am more than qualified to answer any question about visiting or living here,




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